Workshop/ Conference / Seminar/ Guest lecturesss

Sr No Department Workshop/ Conference / Seminar/ Guest lecturesss Theme/focus Level Year
1 Staff Academy Paper presentation Imbibing research culture Regional 2011-16
2 Zoology Workshop Zoology workshop for students Regional 2011-12
3 Research Committee Three days Avishkar research festival Imbibing research culture University 2012-13
4 Chemistry Workshop Spectroscopic structural elucidation of organic compound BSc- III Students State 2013-14
5 Geography Workshop Research Methodology in science and social science University 2013-14
6 Marathi Workshop Navlekh Katha Shibir University 2013-14
7 History Trainings Program Modi Lipi ( Sript) Regional 2013-14
8 Physics and Chemistry Seminar Recent trends in nanomaterial National 2014-15
9 Botany Seminar Biological terminology in regional languages National 2014-15
10 Computer Science Workshop World class research paper writing State 2014-15
11 Hindi Seminar Ekkisvi Shatika Hindi Sahittya : Chintan or Chunoutiya National 2015-16
12 Chemistry Seminar Advanced Technique in Chromatographic Analysis State 2015-16
13 Vidnan Mandal One day Science Exhibition Capacity building Regional 2015-16
14 Mathematics Seminar Mathematics for Social Sciences State 2015-16
15 Botany Seminar Medicinal Plant and plant Pathology State 2015-16
16 Zoology Guest Lecture of Eminent person for student and farmer How to control Telya Disease on Pomegranate Regional 2015-16
17 Zoology Snake exhibition Snake exhibition Regional 2015-16
18 IQAC Workshop Teaching learning and evolution State 2016-17
19 History Trainings Program Modi Lipi ( Sript) Regional 2016-17
20 History Exhibition Historical currency and Mogalkalin vastu Regional 2016-17