Economics Department

Name Qualification Designation Specialization No.ofYears of Experience No.ofPh.D.Students guided for the last 4 years
Mr. A. R. Tanangi M.A., M.phil. Assoc. Prof. Public Finance 32 Yrs. Nil
Mr.Waghmare M.D. M.A., B.Ed.(NET) Assoc. Prof. Agri. Eco. 3 Yrs. (C.H.B.) Nil
Mr.Vedpatak M.D. M.A.,(NET) Assoc. Prof. International Trade 4 Yrs. (C.H.B.) Nil
Mr. Godase P.D. M.A.,(SET) Assoc. Prof. Agri. Eco. 1 Yrs. (C.H.B.) Nil