Computer Science and Applications Department

Sr.No Qualification Name Designation Specialization Bio-Data
1 Mr. Tathe R.R M.C.A. Head and Ass. Prof. Computer View
2 Mr. Shaha S.A M.Sc.(Stat)SET Ass. Prof. Statistics View
3 Mr. Patil S.V. M.C.A. Ass. Prof. Computer View
4 Mr. Shinde S.N. M.Sc. Ass. Prof. Electronics View
5 Dr. Kavade D.R. M.C.A. Ass. Prof. Computer View
6 Mr. Badave M.S. M.Sc. Ass. Prof. Mathematics View

:: NON-TEACHING STAFF (Computer Science) ::

Sr. No Name Qualifications Designation Experience
1 Shri. B.A. Ingole M.A. Junior Clerk 17
2 Shri. T.N. Dighe B.A & DCP Junior Clerk 17
3 Shri. S.S.Mane M.C.A.& CCNA Lab. Assistant 8