Code Of Conduct For Students.

Sr.No. Titles Details
1. Attendance and Conduct in College Functions:- As part of discipline and holistic development, students are required to attend functions, Days of National Importance, counselling sessions etc. with zeal and discipline.
2. Attendance and Conduct in Classroom:- The students shall attend the classes, practical and seminars etc. whenever prescribed, regularly so that the requirements of minimum attendance as prescribed under the Act, the Statutes, the ordinances and rules/regulations made in that behalf are fulfilled. Any misbehavior will be liable for action against concerned student.
3. College Property:- It shall be binding on the part of the students to see that no damage is done to the property of the institution in any manner.
4. Behavior:- The students shall behave with their classmates, teachers, authorities and the non-teaching employees of the institutions in a respectful and responsible manner.
5. Behavior in Extra and Co-curricular Activities:- Students will participate in every activity whenever organized. The student shall behave in a fair and friendly manner in all extra and co-curricular activities.
6. Conduct in Laboratory:- Library and Study Room. It shall be obligatory on the part of the students to make a proper use of the Laboratory/Library/Study Room and other common facilities without causing inconvenience to the other users, and the damage of property.
7. Conduct in Hostel:- The resident students shall be governed by the rules and regulations in respect of hostel accommodation/official premises as prescribed in hostel rules.
8. Involvement in Acts :- The students involved in any attempts of common-offs, vulgarism, gundaism, manhandling, eve-teasing, malpractices or participation in criminal acts shall be liable for punishment.
9. Identity Card:- Every student has to carry his/her ID card as bonafide proof for the purpose of proving their identity given by the Head of Institution, Library Staff. Presenting a current student identification card with a photo (I.D.) card will be deemed proof of student status. Refusal by a student to produce ID Card when required shall be liable for disciplinary action. Students must wear an ID card while attending class, practical and while visiting other sections of Institution. In case of loss or damage of Identity Card, the concerned authorities should be informed immediately and new ID card must be obtained.
10. Canteen Rules:- Students should follow the rules/instructions of the canteen / cafeteria.
11. Notice Boards and Institution Website: - Students are advised to read the Notice Boards and the website regularly for update information.
12. Security Cameras and Video Surveillance System- The important locations and administrative buildings on the Institute campus are well connected and networked through the CCTV Camera. Thus the activities on the Institute campus are monitored and recorded through the said system for managing the security issues and from the view point of maintenance of discipline and peace on the campus.
13. Mobile Phones/pagers and/ or others :- Mobile Phones/ pagers and other related gadgets should not be used by students in the Library, Seminar Halls, Classrooms, Practical Rooms, College office, Computer Rooms, Lecture Halls, Laboratories, other teaching and research areas.